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Algonquin is an Indian tribe that spoke the Algonquin language. The Algonquin language tribe had hundreds of tribes ranging from the Rocky mountains to the Atlantic ocean, and most of Canada. 
So now you know where the name comes from.
The Algonquin festival is something a customer mentioned to me years ago. She spoke to my old soul. She used words like; steam engines, old schoolhouses, log cabins and spoke of the artisans and musicians that set up there. Instantly I was hooked. I looked the place up two years ago and we went for the first time. We met an artisan named Don who made the turquoise ring I wear daily, He would later be the artist I looked for first the following year. This year I purchased a beautiful handmade arrowhead he napped from a multi-colored piece of flint.  When I picked it up he mentioned what looked like a wolf howling in the coloring of the flint. Like an abstract painting.
A wolf howling into the sky symbolizes that he or she is calling on the Great Spirits to awaken their intuition, and to locate the path of its hearts desires. 
Something we all yearn for no doubt? 
We walked through the bread house where we paid .50 cents for a handmade slice of bread for each of us. Covered in homemade apple butter and real butter. So much butter that my husband said it was enough to stop an elephants heart. Best .50 cents I ever spent. 

We ended the day with a hike in our neighboring woods at home. I always want to reach the top of the hill across from our house. Maybe its because I live at the bottom, and I yearn for my eyes to see far. 

I don't know, but I do know when I get to the top, I can see far and wide, and at that moment, life and all its meaning and my place in this world feels right where it's supposed to be.  

Owen and I meditated at the top once... I loved that moment. 





Here's too wispy fall skies, homemade bread that fulfills your seasonal bucket list, kids that enjoy exploring as much as you do, husbands that crave the same old soul feels like you, long windy autumn covered roads that lead you to dreamy festivals... time and time again.
Bee well friends
- B

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