Fall Feelings...

Fall Feelings...

My life is the same every season. I want all the same things when the air turns crisp.. I want long evenings with a good movie, blankets easily available around the house, backroad driving with good music typically something by Brandi Carlile, Sturgill Simpson, a little Johnny and June in that mix too. Last Sunday we checked off all the things on my fall bucket list and my boys were such good sports. They allowed me to go as far as taking family pics before we left on our adventures.  Kind of a big deal when you live with all boys.
These were taken before we left on our adventure and I just love them.. 
Below is the view from our living room. I love how the trees show off this time of year. 
This is the blacksmith barn located at Hale Farm and Village in Ohio. 


I love walking through these old 19th century era homes.  Imagining how things were back then. I tell Brian all the time it is my goal to have one of these old chinked log homes, a large outdoor kettle outside to make soap in. I love the thought of a more simple life. I also think i love the idea of having to make things from scratch all the time. I am fickle and change with the seasons but one thing is certain about me, creating with my hands is a very big part of my life. Maybe sometimes selfishly too much apart of it. I've seen what it does for me and for others. With busy hands your mind cannot take you down paths you don't want to be on.  It also helps when the things your hands are busy with can make you an income as well. 




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  • Krista

    I’m so glad I visited your site! Been to your store a few times and you are a beautiful soul. Your comment about busy hands and where a mind can go is a better expressed thought that I have felt and spoken many times over my years of making. I look forward to seeing you next time we visit Berlin. Sincerely, the mushroom forager lady❤️

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