Hair & Facial Serum Rosehip & Argan

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2 ounce Hair and Facial serum.

Top quality ingredients for a deep penetrating moisturizer. Great for oily, dry, aged, sun damaged, acne scarred skin. 

Serums are applied after cleansing and toning bur before heavy moisturizing and sunscreen. Serums are made up of smaller molecule oils that absorb the skin deeper.

We pride ourselves in offering a top quality ingredient serum for your hair and skin. 

Here is a list of our ingredients and WHY they are so good for you and your daily regimen. 

Vitamin E - Reduces appearance of scars, fights free radicals, also helps soften the skin. 

Jojoba oil - anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, vitamin E & B, great for dry skin. 

Rosehip seed oil - hydrates, aids in itchy skin, antioxidant, fatty acids. 

Argan oil - hydrates, softens, omega fatty acids, reduces acne. 

Organic lavender essential oil - moisturizes, antibacterial, healing, therapeutic scent. 

Organic frankincense essential oil - astringent (reduces pore size), slows signs of aging. 


Facial serum should be applied at night and in the morning on face, and neck.

Hair serum should be applied to damp hair working from the ends first to the root.

* Pair Serum with our clay mask powder available in our store. This killer combo will sure to impress and give you that "Just left the spa feeling.".