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Our MAN SOAP has remained our #1 seller soap since we opened our retail store in 2016. We have a dedicated customer base for our cold processed goats milk soap. We highly recommend starting with our Man Soap if you are new here, but if you are a repeat customer of Beeyond welcome back!

Each bar weighs approx 5 oz

Ingredients are a list of skin loving oils: Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, charcoal powder.

Our MAN SOAP gives off a very clean and refreshing scent. Paired with activated charcoal which helps to remove any impurities in the skin preventing future breakouts.

We developed our cold process goat milk recipe over a decade ago and haven't looked back. That is of course not without a lot of failed attempts. Our motivation to make soap came from having young children and wanting more for them and their precious skin. I studied ingredients and percentages that would make a create a nice lathering natural soap. I also made sure to stay away from ingredients such as palm oil due its devastating effects on the environment and wildlife. You can read more about that topic here.